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Testimonial from William L. About the Stop & Go Tire Plugger

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We received this great testimonial from William about the Stop & Go tire plugger kit!

Bill -

My late wife purchased a Stop-N-Go tire plug kit for me at the Americade Motorcycle Rally several years ago. I always carry it in my motorcycle saddlebag in case it's needed.

I had not concerned myself with tire issues in the last 20 years, since I belong to an organization (GWRRA) that offers roadside assistance as one of its benefits. However, since I live in New Jersey and often travel on the NJ Turnpike, I became aware that my roadside assistance plan will NOT be of use to me if I have a breakdown while on the state's toll roads. Only "authorized" (i.e., contracted, overpriced) towing and repair vehicles are permitted on the toll roads. My roadside assistance program servicer is prohibited from coming to my rescue if needed. So my comfort level is diminished while traveling on the state's toll roads. However, if I have a flat tire while on the Turnpike, Ican use the plug kit to get me off the toll road and call my roadside assistance provider once I am off their highway.

I never needed the Stop-N-Go air compressor "companion" to the plug kit because my GoldWing 1500 motorcycle was equipped with its own onboard air compressor -- for adjusting the air suspension that came as standard equipment on the bike; I had purchased an extension hose to allow the onboard compressor's output to be useful for inflating an underinflated tire, and I have used it to assist others in the past.

Now that I have purchased a new GoldWing -- one without an installed onboard air compressor -- I just placed my order for a stand-alone Stop-N-Go air compressor to tuck into a saddlebag with my plug kit, for my own peace of mind. Whether I ever use it or not, it's nice to know that it's there if needed, and I can always assist someone else who might be stranded with a flat tire.

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