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Save Time and Money: Scooter Tube-Type Tire Repair and Inflation Kit

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Scooter Tube-Tire Repair Inflation Kit

Most Scooters come with the essential tools to make adjustments and repairs. However, they do not have the essentials to patch the inner tube and reinflate the tire. The scooter tube-tire repair inflation kit has it all!

scooter tube-tire repair inflation kit - tire patch kit

Carrying an extra tube is always a good idea. But this kit comes with (6) rubber patches for repairing the injured area on your inner tube. A tube of rubber cement and a thumb buffer is included to secure the selected patch to the inner tube. Once the repair is complete, it takes only a few of the 16-gram CO2 canisters to fully re-inflate the tire. Even a waterless hand cleaner and paper towelette are included for a quick clean of the hands. Why pay for an expensive tow or waste a lot of time waiting for a rescue?  You can save time and money by making the repair yourself with this complete tube-type tire repair kit made especially for scooters.

Buy the brand new Stop and Go Scooter Tube-Type Tire Repair and Inflation Kit and don't wait on the side of the road.