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Winter Is Over, It’s Time For Motorcycle Riders To Prepare For Spring!

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For all those motorcycle enthusiasts out there, the New Year didn’t start on January 1; it started on March 20 (the first day of spring). With the arrival of spring, there is a refreshing feeling that gets you on your bike to go riding! But then, is it alright to just straightaway trust that your bike must be in perfect condition, even though it has been resting in the garage all these winter months? No! So the first thing to do is to prep it up and get it back to running condition. Here’s how.

  1. Check the battery

    While most riders remove the battery from their bikes during winters, others don’t mind leaving it in. Irrespective of what you did, you battery needs to get charged. Once you plug it in, see if it is charging or not. If it isn’t, understand that it needs a replacement. It’s best that you buy one now instead of waiting for the battery to stop working during your bike trip.

  2. Lights and Mirrors

    Check the headlights, tail lights, and turn signals and see if they’re working properly. Replace fused bulbs with new ones. Take a look at the mirrors and clean them from all the dust and scratches. Tighten all the screws and make sure that the mirrors are secure.

  3. Oil and Fluids

    Since your bike was in the garage all this time, it’s obvious that the bike’s fluids haven’t been used at all. Check the oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluids and see if there is enough fluid inside. Also, make sure that the oil isn’t too thick or dark. In most cases, it’s best to change the oil and other fluids when you’re starting your bike after winters.

  4. Wheels and Tires

    Check the air pressure of the wheels and ensure that it’s not too less. Check for dry rot and flatness in tires as well. In general, when a bike is stored in a garage, on a cement floor for a long period of time, the tires tend to develop a flat spot on the bottom. If this doesn’t go away when you inflate the tire, you need to show it to a mechanic. While you’re at it, also tighten and adjust spokes.

One other thing that you can keep handy is a Stop & Go - Tubeless Puncture Pilot for scooters and motorcycles. This is important if you get a flat tire during your trip. When there’s no mechanic in sight, you can simply draw the kit out and make an on-the-wheel repair to your tubeless tire and re-inflate it on the spot! It includes the award-winning Pocket Tire Plugger, 15 mushroom-shaped rubber plugs and the very compact Mini-Air Compressor. Buy it today!