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Stop & Go Tire Repair Kit Blog

Rubber Cement Tube Protector

Sometimes the best tools are the simplest. Many tire repairs and even fixes around the house require rubber cement. These handy little rubber cement tubes usually get tossed at the bottom of a container and often get crushed or evaporate leaving you frustrated.We at Stop and Go love finding new ways to make your life [...]

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Save Time and Money: Scooter Tube-Type Tire Repair and Inflation Kit

Scooter Tube-Tire Repair Inflation KitMost Scooters come with the essential tools to make adjustments and repairs. However, they do not have the essentials to patch the inner tube and reinflate the tire. The scooter tube-tire repair inflation kit has it all!Carrying an extra tube is always a good idea. But this kit comes with (6) rubber [...]

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Stop & Go on Bike World

Stop & Go International was recently featured on an episode of Bike World. Bike World took a look at our Tubeless Puncture Pilot. What makes the Tubeless Puncture Pilot such a handy product is that it includes the award winning pocket tire plugger, 15 plugs AND an air compressor! This kit can patch and reinflate [...]

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Book: How to Install Tires on Motorcycles and Fix Flat Tires

Stop & Go has been providing the best tire repair products, including the award winning pocket tire plugger for many years. One of the greatest parts of our business is hearing stories about how our tire repair products have saved drivers from being stranded. The new book by James Russell, "How to Install Tires on Motorcycles and Fix [...]

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Motorcycle Industry is Growing Again and That's Great for Options

For the first time since 2006, the motorcycle industry is seeing growth in sales. This is great news for all motorcycle enthusiasts because manufacturers are jumping on this new growth by offering more motorcycles with a variety of styles and price levels. There is also a shift in those who are buying motorcycles, "Boomers like us [...]

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Motorcycle Tire Repair Kits - Which One Is Right For You?

Having a motorcycle is one of the most freeing experiences one can have. You feel more connected to the road, the experience of driving and the landscape. However, it also means you have less protection from the elements, less room to store your stuff and at times a higher chance of being stranded.For this reason, [...]

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Record Breaking RV Sales in 2017

Frank Hugelmeyer, president of the RV Industry Association said, “But the RV industry hasn’t peaked, and we fully expect that shipments above half-a-million units shipped will become the new normal in years to come.” 2017 RV Sales HALF A MILLION shipments of RVs! That can only mean that RV sales are increasing! Whoever thought the industry was [...]

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Stop & Go Tire Plugger: Don't Let A Nail In Your Tire Strand You

We love receiving testimonials about our Stop & Go products! This time it's from Brian in the state of Texas. He says his tire repair kit is the best repair kit he's ever bought. "I just wanted to write and thank you for an outstanding product of FIRST quality, that works just as it claims to do. [...]

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Testimonial from William L. About the Stop & Go Tire Plugger

We received this great testimonial from William about the Stop & Go tire plugger kit!Bill -My late wife purchased a Stop-N-Go tire plug kit for me at the Americade Motorcycle Rally several years ago. I always carry it in my motorcycle saddlebag in case it's needed.I had not concerned myself with tire issues in [...]

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Be Prepared for Summer : Pocket Tire Plugger

Summer here in the United States means warmer weather and that gives opportunities for more BBQ, car shows, and motorcycle riding.  More riding and driving also means there is a greater risk for a flat tire. And statistics show that you'll have at least 5 flat tires in your lifetime. Get to where you need to [...]

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