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Stop & Go Tire Repair Kit Blog

Keanu Reeves' Arch Motorcycle - Custom Motorcycles

Virtual reality and custom motorcycles?Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger build and design custom bikes with the help of the HTC Vive, a virtual reality system.Reeves and Hollinger formed Arch Motorcycle in 2007. Check out the video below from for an inside look at their shop in Southern California.

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Do You Have the Best ATV Winter Tires?

Summer is gone and snow is here or very close to being here depending on where you live. You might be able to get away with using your summer tires in the winter but it's better safe than sorry. Purchase the best tires available for your ATV that will keep you safe while you drive [...]

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It Seems Inevitable, Self-Driving Cars Are Here to Stay

You've heard of Google, Uber, and now Lyft working on self-driving cars for some time now. And along with those news stories, stories of failures, accidents, and government blocks. None of those stories have slowed down or put to a halt the idea of self-driving cars.Waymo, Google's year-old company, is working on and testing self-driving [...]

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This ATV Doesn't Need a Driver

We have self-driving cars, self-balancing motorcycles, and now we have self-driving ATVs, thanks to Honda. Honda is in the process of developing an ATV that can carry loads, by itself. This is the 3E-D18, it is designed to be used as a workhorse. Revealed at this years CES, the 3E stands for empower, experience, empathy. Watch the [...]

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Highways Only for Trucks Might Be Here Soon

Does the idea of a truck only highway pique your interest? Is it something you would be for?Georgia might be the first state to have the first highway dedicated to trucks, a separate highway for trucks. The idea is that it would be a 40 mile stretch of toll-free highway from the metro Atlanta area [...]

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Woodall's Campground Management Feature

Are you subscribed to Woodall's Campground Management magazine? Did you catch a snippet of Stop & Go? If you didn't, you can still check it out! The digital version is available now. New Products for Park Activities, Cooking, and DIY Repairs "Easy to store, Bill Merriman said that the kits are always ready to go." Our products work on [...]

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Checklist for Long Distance Motorcycle Rides

Traveling long distance on a bike is something that many motorcycle owners dream of. Sightseeing takes on a whole new meaning as you travel the open roads atop your motorcycle. In fact, traveling long distances by motorcycle isn’t at all uncommon. Some bikers decide to travel the coasts, some like the winding routes found through wilderness and mountains, while others [...]

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You gotta read this...

This past summer one of our road reps visited the biggest motorcycle dealer in southern Minnesota. The parts guy said he was very familiar with our Pocket Tire Plugger as he had used it many times at the little ATV shop he used to work at. When he was asked to place an order for [...]

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Tires, What Else Are They Good For?

4 or 2 tires take us from point A to point B. We know that for a fact. Maybe even one tire, some people ride unicycles to work. (If that's you, please let us know.) Once you get new tires, your old tires are more than likely recycled. Don't leave them to "rot!" Although they do [...]

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Stop & Go Mini-Air Compressor for Motorcycles, Scooters, & ATVs

The January issue of Roadrunner magazine did a comparison of six different compressors available for motorcycles.  In the test, the Stop & Go Mini-air compressor ran at the lowest temperature of 92 degrees where some ran as hot as 127 degrees. The Stop & Go compressor is smaller than the rest and runs the coolest! - [...]

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