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All-Electric Motorcycles Racing Added to MotoGP in 2019

MotoGP The world’s most popular motorcycle racing series is adding an all-electric class. Carmelo Ezpeleta, the CEO of the company that oversees the MotoGP racing series, told that an electric support series featuring up to 18 bikes could start competing as early as 2019. How many electric motorcycles races? Electric Motorcycles Four manufacturers have already committed to [...]

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Best ATV Trails?

Looking for the best ATV trails? We hear Utah is the place to be!There have been recent openings and expansions of trails throughout the year including Iron County's new trails and expanded trail system in Tooele County.Which are the best ATV trails?The best ones we believe are the family friendly ones. Of course, this is [...]

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New Motorcycle Runs on Algae Oil

There's a new motorcycle made from wood that runs on algae oil. How is this possible? Ritser Mans set off to build a bike that was nature-inspired and that results in a wood-framed bike that runs on microalgae oil. That oil? Peter Mooij supplies it. Although the bike is still a work in progress. According to [...]

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Europe is Electric

Britain and France pledged to end the new sales of gas and diesel cars by the year 2040. Norway and India along with 10 other countries have also decided to set a date to phase out the sale of new cars. We know that gasoline and diesel are one of the major polluters, so to [...]

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Traveling to Grand Mesa led to a Grand Flat Tire

What Do You Do When You're 10,000 ft. Above Ground Level and Have a Flat Tire? We received a testimonial from Bill and Bob Doll, two brothers who ran into that exact problem. While on vacation. My brother and I were on my 10,000 ft. tour ridding and camping at ten thousand feet this Augustin Colorado when [...]

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Frankfurt Motor Show & Continental Tire

Another motor show is in the books! This time it was the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. FrankFurt Motor Show The event took place between September 14-24, 2017 and showed off a number of new cars and concepts. Ever wanted an all-terrain baby stroller? Say goodbye to the car key we have come to know and [...]

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Press Reviews! Read All About Them!

Have you ever wondered what the press rates Stop & Go products? You don't have to go to each and every publication online and search on their website. We've helped you out a bit by compiling all the reviews in one place for you! Head over to our website to read the 5 star Stop [...]

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They Keep Growing

We've said it before and we'll keep saying it, the RV trend keeps growing! RVs are gaining more and more popularity due to them also advancing technologically. These aren't the same RVs from the 70s or 80s. Now you can control the heated floors from your smartphone. The numbers who are attending specific RV events have seen [...]

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Robots Are Taking Over The World! Or At Least The Track...

Have you ever wanted to see what would happen when you put a human racer against a robot? Yamaha did just that. Yamaha raced a humanoid robot, Motobot, against the professional rider Valentino Rossi. Now the way that this race was completed was by simply mounting the robot to a motorcycle. It wasn't specially modified or anything like [...]

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Bringing Back the RVs

You may or may not have heard of the new game app for iOS and Android. Last year we had Pokemon Go. That app resulted in everyone stepping outside, enjoying the summer weather, and making new friends within in their own community that they might have never spoken to if not for the app. Now [...]

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