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Stop & Go Tire Repair Kit Blog

New Smart Tire Safety Monitor

ZUS Tire Safety Monitor Current TPMS systems only alert you when the tire pressure of your tires are dangerously low. This IndieGoGo campaign is for a tire pressure system that tells you exactly what is wrong with each individual tire. Unlike the general alert of a TPMS system. According to the funding page, "view individual tire pressure [...]

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Consumer Satisfaction Over Tire Purchases

Consumer Reports is a nonprofit organization that does product testing, ratings, and research. Consumer Reports Conducts Survey The survey that Consumer Reports conducted was on subscribers that purchased two or more tires for their vehicle in 2016. The total number of correspondents: 48,525 subscribers. They all purchased 50,125 tires and/or had installation experiences. All-weather grip takes priority for [...]

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ATVs on the Road

In previous blog posts, we've talked about one town that has banned using golf carts as transportation and another town that has approved golf carts. In ATV news, one town in New York is facing disagreement on the stance on ATVs on the village streets. ATVs on the Road The police chief of Carthage says no ATVs at [...]

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How Many Flat Tires Occur in The United States?

Flat Tires Approximately 7 tire punctures occur every second! Resulting in 220 million flat tires per year. Statistics also show that every driver will experience on average up to 5 flat tires in their lifetime. This results in 220 million flat tires per year. Statistics also show that every driver will experience on average up to 5 [...]

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HOW TO: Step by Step Instructions for the Stop & Go Tire Plugger

Emergency tubeless tire repair – Don’t have to dismount the tire - Works on punctures from nails, thorns, screws & more! Learn how to use the Stop & Go Tire Plugger with step-by-step instructions and photos. How To - 9 Easy Steps STEP 1: Find the puncture, and use the probe & reamer tools to inspect and [...]

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Best RV GPS? Garmin Releases RV-specific GPS

Best RV GPS? Garmin has recently announced the release of an RV-specific GPS, RV 770 LMT-S model. This new GPS model offers advanced RV-specific navigation solutions, including free live services with real-time traffic updates and basic weather information. It comes pre-loaded with TripAdvisor data so drivers can see ratings for popular travel points of [...]

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All-Electric Motorcycles Racing Added to MotoGP in 2019

MotoGP The world’s most popular motorcycle racing series is adding an all-electric class. Carmelo Ezpeleta, the CEO of the company that oversees the MotoGP racing series, told that an electric support series featuring up to 18 bikes could start competing as early as 2019. How many electric motorcycles races? Electric Motorcycles Four manufacturers have already committed to [...]

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Best ATV Trails?

Looking for the best ATV trails? We hear Utah is the place to be!There have been recent openings and expansions of trails throughout the year including Iron County's new trails and expanded trail system in Tooele County.Which are the best ATV trails?The best ones we believe are the family friendly ones. Of course, this is [...]

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New Motorcycle Runs on Algae Oil

There's a new motorcycle made from wood that runs on algae oil. How is this possible? Ritser Mans set off to build a bike that was nature-inspired and that results in a wood-framed bike that runs on microalgae oil. That oil? Peter Mooij supplies it. Although the bike is still a work in progress. According to [...]

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Europe is Electric

Britain and France pledged to end the new sales of gas and diesel cars by the year 2040. Norway and India along with 10 other countries have also decided to set a date to phase out the sale of new cars. We know that gasoline and diesel are one of the major polluters, so to [...]

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