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Stop & Go Tire Repair Kit Blog

7 Things Drivers Need to Know About Motorcycles

May has been declared as Motorcycle Awareness Month in Illinois for the 34th consecutive year. The Illinois Department of Transportation and Governor Bruce Rauner launched the annual Start Seeing Motorcycles campaign. Nicer weather means that motorcycles are starting to hit the road more which means a higher level of awareness is important. The following is very [...]

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Tire Safety Tips for Summer

A basic inspection before hitting the road can improve your safety and even help boost your fuel economy. Two things that are very important in the Summer. Summer Tire Safety A flat tire or other tire problem be an inconvenience when you’re far from home so it is important to always be prepared. Plus, the heat that [...]

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What Your Life Would Look Like With & Without a Tire Repair Kit

Have you been in the same situation our friend is in the video below? Always be prepared, it will save you time, frustration, money, and keep you safe on the road. Don't have to worry about having cell phone signal when needing a tow truck or roadside assistance. The Stop & GO tire repair kit for [...]

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The Motorcycle Industry is Hurting

Are Millenials Purchasing the Same Types of Bikes as Baby Boomers? Downward Trends The motorcycle industry has been in a decline. Sales have gone down for both road bikes and offroad bikes as seen in the graph below. In order to help sales, Harley-Davidson and Honda have designed bikes to attract the new generations with smaller, lighter, [...]

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CES 2018 Will Be Here Soon

With CES 2018 (Consumer Electronic Show) happening next week starting January 7th, we will get a sneak peek at what's to come in the technology world including smart cars. This year we will get a look at an all-new intelligent electric vehicle. This new smart car will be launched by BYTON. New Electric and Intelligent Car BYTON will [...]

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VIDEO: Pocket Tire Tips

Having trouble using your pocket tire plugger? Want to see how you can use the repair kit with more ease? The following YouTube video will help you!

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VIDEO: New Stop & Go Video

Have you gone through the struggle of using a string/stick repair kit for your tires? Have you gone through the mess, the frustration of them? Using the Stop & Go Tire Plugger, you get rid of the mess and the struggle. The Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger shown in the video below compares the mushroom [...]

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It Seems Inevitable, Self-Driving Cars Are Here to Stay

You've heard of Google, Uber, and now Lyft working on self-driving cars for some time now. And along with those news stories, stories of failures, accidents, and government blocks. None of those stories have slowed down or put to a halt the idea of self-driving cars. Waymo, Google's year-old company, is working on and testing self-driving [...]

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Harley-Davidson is Hurting But Indian Motorcycles Isn't

"According to some, motorcycling is dying. Millennials are slower to adopt motorcycling than previous generations and Harley-Davidson sales are down which surely spells the end of the entire industry. However, some sales figures say otherwise. Indian Motorcycles, America’s first motorcycle company, saw an impressive 17 percent surge in sales last Spring. Not only that, but Indian [...]

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Colder Weather Approaching, Fall Season is Getting Closer

You may or may not have noticed but temperatures have started to change. At least in the Midwest, the mornings are a bit chilly. We no longer have 60-degree mornings, now it's 40-degrees! It won't officially be fall until September 22nd but that doesn't matter much to the weather. You're driving patterns will start to [...]

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