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Stop & Go Tire Repair Kit Blog

Woodzman Adventures Review of the Stop & Go Mini-Air Compressor

We have received reviews and testimonials with pictures and shown on the blog before. This time we are sharing a Stop & Go Mini-Air Compressor video review!Woodzman Adventures Video ReviewThanks to Woodzman Adventures for the review and even going as far as to show it in action! Although we like to keep the packaging a [...]

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A New Type of Ride: Monkey Faction Bike

Capuchin Bike A Kickstarter was launched and as of today, met the goal of production on a new type of ride. The Capuchin. According to the Kickstarter, industry first hybrid technology which combines the comfort and ease of a scooter style riding position and the durability and responsiveness of a mountain bike.Difference Makers What makes this [...]

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2017 Carolinas BMW MOA Grand Tour

The 2017 Carolinas BMW MOA Grand Tour took place from Sunday, March 11, 2017, to November 5, 2017.What is it? This 8-month grand tour is meant to encourage you to ride more and experience the riding the Carolinas have to offer. It's an annual activity. The sponsor is Charlotte BMW Ducati Motorcycles, shoutout to them! The [...]

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How to Patch an Inner Tube with The Stop & Go Tire Patch Kit

5 Steps to Patch Your Tire You see that one of your scooter tires looks a little flat. No problem. You inflate it again and good to go. But then a day or two later you see that it looks flat again. Maybe you decide to inflate it one more time to see if that will [...]

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Pirelli Smart Tires Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

Two in one, Pirelli Smart Tires The 87th Geneva Motor Show is an annual auto show held in March in Geneva, Switzerland. This year, Pirelli premiered two types innovations within one tire. The first innovation is the P Zero and Winter Sottozero tires, color edition. These are new types of tires made from newly designed and engineered [...]

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RV Camgrounds Suffer from Overpopulation

RV Campgrounds Taking an RV cross-country, whether full-time or for vacation, has lead to some new rule changes across the country. Specifically, for RV campgrounds in Nebraska. Nebraska has created new rules for how long recreational-vehicle (RV) users and other campers can stay in state parks. This is to make better use of campground space. The exact changes [...]

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The Reviews Keep Coming In!

Reviews We've received another review from a very satisfied customer this past week! We love receiving reviews from satisfied customers. This time it was from Dave Jordan from California. Dave was nice enough to send us pictures of his tire puncture, the nail itself, and the final look of his fixed tire! Nail Embedded in Tire Nail That [...]

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Testimonial from The UK

Pocket Tire Plugger Testimonial We received an email from a great customer from the UK, Spike. Spike told us how he advocates for our Stop & Go products to all his friends. Spike organizes around 6 tours a year around the UK and Europe. In the briefing notes he provides, he always lists Stop & Go as [...]

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Golf Carts Outlawed

Gold carts are a legal mode of transportation on streets in Manteno, IL but in Yorkville, Il a man is fighting to keep driving his golf cart. In September of last year, Manteno passed a local ordinance to allow the usage of golf carts on local streets. But in Yorkville, the city approved a new [...]

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How to Fill Your Tires With Air

When do you need to fill your tires with air?After a puncture or a low tire pressure warning. Your tires are bound to get flat at one point. It's just how they roll. They might even get a flat! So how do fill tires with air again after you've repaired the puncture? Or when the low [...]

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