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Record Breaking RV Sales in 2017

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Frank Hugelmeyer, president of the RV Industry Association said, “But the RV industry hasn’t peaked, and we fully expect that shipments above half-a-million units shipped will become the new normal in years to come.”

2017 RV Sales

HALF A MILLION shipments of RVs! That can only mean that RV sales are increasing! Whoever thought the industry was dying is clearly wrong. The RV Industry Association started taking statistics of sales about 40 years ago. The statistic for wholesale shipments has surpassed half a million with a total of 504,599 units for 2017. From 2016 to 2017, that's a 17.2% increase. 2016 sold 430,691 units from manufacturers to RV dealers. But that's not the only thing that has increased. For the month of December, 36,227 units were shipped which is a 9.9% increase over December 2016. It is also the best December the RV industry has had since recording these stats. RV sales are truly booming.

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“It’s in tribute to all involved in our industry – from those who serve key roles on the manufacturing floors to the customers who visit dealer lots – that we’re able to announce today’s record-setting RV shipments,” said Frank Hugelmeyer

This is a great sign for the RV industry as it continues to grow and more people get to enjoy traveling by RV. And, they can keep traveling by RV without too much worry of fixing a flat tire thanks to our Stop & Go tire plugger for R

Stop & Go Tire Plugger: Don't Let A Nail In Your Tire Strand You

We love receiving testimonials about our Stop & Go products! This time it's from Brian in the state of Texas. He says his tire repair kit is the best repair kit he's ever bought. "I just wanted to write and thank you for an outstanding product of FIRST quality, that works just as it claims to do. [...]

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Testimonial from William L. About the Stop & Go Tire Plugger

We received this great testimonial from William about the Stop & Go tire plugger kit!Bill -My late wife purchased a Stop-N-Go tire plug kit for me at the Americade Motorcycle Rally several years ago. I always carry it in my motorcycle saddlebag in case it's needed.I had not concerned myself with tire issues in [...]

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Be Prepared for Summer : Pocket Tire Plugger

Summer here in the United States means warmer weather and that gives opportunities for more BBQ, car shows, and motorcycle riding.  More riding and driving also means there is a greater risk for a flat tire. And statistics show that you'll have at least 5 flat tires in your lifetime. Get to where you need to [...]

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Tire Punctures and Flat Tires are a Worry on the Golf Course too!

When you think of a flat tire you will most likely imagine yourself stuck on the side of the road changing your car or truck tire or waiting for help if you are on a motorcycle. However, golf carts, mowers and other vehicles used on golf courses also face flat tires. Are you using a golf [...]

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An Easy Way to Never Be Stranded With a Flat Tire

Everyone has one of those days where time seems to be against you. Traffic is slow, every intersection means another red light and there isn't a second to spare to make that meeting on time. All of a sudden, your car slows and pulls to one side, the sound of thumping rubber can be heard [...]

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At Stop & Go, We Love Our Customers

We at Stop & Go International are proud of our tire plugger and inflation devices product line up. You will notice with our products that we don't offer generic or trinket devices to fill our product line. Each product is selected because of its quailty, functionality, design and our interpretation of what will be most [...]

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Safety Items to Store in Your Bike or Trunk

  Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is important to every person. When driving on the road, there are a number of safe habits we can all employ to keep ourselves and other drivers safe. For example, using your turn signal and slowing down in dangerous weather. When you have engine trouble or a flat [...]

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Why We at Stop & Go Are Excited About the Tubeless Puncture Pilot

Want to fix your tire and inflate it on the spot?Tubeless Puncture Pilot will do just do that.One of the greatest fears of any motorcycle and scooter rider is getting a flat tire and being stranded. Even if you make it to a dealer,  most, if not all motorcycle, scooter, and ATV dealers will not repair [...]

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The Ultra Light Weight Motorcycle & ATV Tire Repair Kit

Have flat tire on your motorcycle or ATV?Don't let a flat tire stop you from riding your Motorcycle and ATV. The Stop & Go Motorcycle and ATV Tire Repair kit is a super compact and lightweight kit that allows you fix and re-inflate your tire in less time than it would take to locate your [...]

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