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Stop & Go Tire Repair Kit Blog

Combat Flat Tire Problems Quickly & Conveniently with Stop & Go Tire Plugger Kit

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There can be nothing more frustrating than a flat tire, especially if you experience it when you are in a rush. Having a repair kit with you that has every important tool to fix the problem can help you avoid the frustration of a flat tire. The Stop& Go tire plugger kit is your answer to flat tire problems! This car tire puncture repair kit is the perfect way to fix any tubeless tire quickly and easily. Apart from cars, it works for motorcycles, golf carts, lawnmowers, or any vehicle with a tubeless tire. Unlike other tire repair kits that use glue sticky strips and require some strength to use, the Stop& Go kit uses a mechanical plugger and easy to handle plugs that let you make tire repairs quick and easy. With this kit, you don't have to dismount your tire, which ensures safety.

The Kit — What You Get

The Stop & Go car flat tire repair kit comes with everything you need to fix a flat tire fast. It has a spring-loaded mechanical plugger for inserting the tire plugs, a reamer and probe for preparing the puncture, are tractable razor for trimming the plug stem, enough plugs to fix 25 flats, a detailed instruction sheet, and a handy carrying case.The kit is small enough to be stored in any vehicle compartment or motorcycle bag, so you can take it with you.

The Kit — How It Works

  • Use the probe and reamer to check and prepare the hole.
  • Prepare the plugger by releasing the pushrod, removing the nozzle and inserting a plug in the tip.
  • Push the plug down the barrel using the nozzle.
  • Insert the nozzle in the puncture by screwing it on the probe, inserting the probe into the tire, and unscrewing the probe from the nozzle.
  • Finally, screw the plugger on the nozzle and squeeze it until it gets stopped.
  • Pull the plug out of the tire by releasing the pushrod.
  • Pull-on the plug with pliers in order to seat the Mushroomhead tight against the inner wall.
  • Fully inflate the tire.
  • Trim the plug with a razor.

Get the Stop & Go Tire Plugger Kit

If you are searching fora quick and easy way to repair a tubeless tire, look no further than the Stop& Go tire plugger kit. It is the perfect solution to all your flat tire problems. Get your hands on the kit today!

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