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When Fixing A Flat Tire, Keep These Essential Tips In Mind

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Flat tires are just annoying. They really are. And the most annoying thing about them, many people will agree with this, is that they occur especially when you’re on your way to something extremely important or in an area that you’re not familiar with or appears rather unsafe.

There was a time when flat tires were quite common but today’s durable parts and better tires have brought down flat tire incidences. That doesn’t mean they do not take place any more. They do and that is why it is important for you to keep an emergency flat tire repair kit with you and while you’re fixing your tire, you need to keep certain key things in mind. Let’s take a look at those key things.

  • Do not let a flat tire take your life. Yes, a flat tire can prove extremely deadly only if you make the grave mistake of changing it in traffic. You may love the rim but it is better to ruin the rim in order to get to a safer spot than to let your car remain in the way of traffic. Pullover to a safer spot and then fix your tire
  • Make sure that the spare you keep with your car has air in it and is not old. You may use the old, rotten tire just because it looks fine and holds air. But when you bolt it on, restart your car, and begin to drive away, the old, rotten tire will just blow out and you will find yourself again with a tire issue to solve. In such a case where there’s no proper spare tire with you, you can make use of our tire mobility kit as it can get you back on the road without the need of a spare tire
  • Car drivers need to know that although a compact or a full-sized spare is certainly useful, they should not drive on it as though it is a normal tire. You take out the spare and use it to get back on the road. Perfect. But what you should be doing next is taking your car to a repair shop quickly. This is needed because the spare’s tread is newer in comparison to the other three tires’ tread. This difference in the tread can cause safety issues and affect driving performance
  • When you face a flat tire, your natural reaction is to change the tire as quickly as possible. But before you start working on it, you need to first drive to level ground. If you don’t do that, the car could fall off the jack after you’ve jacked it up the car and taken out the flat tire. Another important thing to do is to set the e-brake prior to jacking up the car. And once you’ve put it down, do not forget to properly tighten all the lug nuts
  • Stop & Go provides a heavy-duty tire plug kit and many other quality tire repair and inflation products. When it comes to dealing with tires, look no further than Stop & Go as our sole expertise lies in fixing issues related to tires.

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