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Europe is Electric

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Britain and France pledged to end the new sales of gas and diesel cars by the year 2040. Norway and India along with 10 other countries have also decided to set a date to phase out the sale of new cars. We know that gasoline and diesel are one of the major polluters, so to have Europe and other countries pledging to stop sales of new gas and diesel is a big step in fighting pollution.

The switch would be to electric cars. Even though it seems like the next big thing, electric cars come with their own caveats. The market itself is small. That means the infrastructure is small as well so accessibility is limited. Having the increase of electric cars skyrocket would mean that charging stations, battery capacity and improvement would have to be done. Not to mention the fact that governments have fuel taxes. If governments would like to impose taxes, new legislation must be written and passed.

How Will It Sourced?

Not only that but the source of the electricity matters too. The point of eliminating the sales of new gas and diesel is to reduce pollution. If the electricity comes from coal-fired plants, that's doing the opposite. It increases the greenhouse gases. If it's from a carbon-free source like wind and solar power then it's the best source.

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The push to electric by various countries will force the market to lower its prices and make electric cars affordable. Tesla just did with their Model 3 sedan just on Friday. The demand for electric cars increasing will also increase the research put into them. Meaning that the comfortable and powerful electric cars of today will only get better.

Effects of switching to electric cars might have an unconscious secondary effect. People will see and breathe cleaner air and that's because cars are using electricity instead of fossil fuels. People will like that and want to find ways of to improve air quality in general.

We already mentioned how GM is making their product greener in efforts to reduce pollution.

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