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ATVs on the Road

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In previous blog posts, we've talked about one town that has banned using golf carts as transportation and another town that has approved golf carts.

In ATV news, one town in New York is facing disagreement on the stance on ATVs on the village streets.

ATVs on the Road

The police chief of Carthage says no ATVs at all, while lawmakers weigh the consequences of a total ban.

The only time people are allowed to ride ATVs in the village is in order to get to the trails. But village Police Chief Reginald Huber says there are people abusing the law by going to a completely different destination or going too fast.

So in other to stop the abusing of the law and for safety reasons, Huber suggested banning them all together. The banning of ATVs is the same as is in West Carthage.

"I don't want to punish ATV riders," he said, "I think it's just an officer safety issue we're either going to have to address or choose to ignore it."

On the other hand, village board members say they decided it wasn't fair to ban all ATVs at this time. They believe it would punish law-abiding citizens.

After the village meeting, the police chief says he's going back to the drawing board to figure out another solution.

"I presented a solution to the board," he said. "The public disagreed with my solution and now I'll go back to the drawing board and try to figure something else out."

Village President G. Wayne McIlroy says maybe they could ask for an outside opinion, opinions from outside law enforcement.

"One of the suggestions tonight was maybe getting the sheriff's department or conservation officers in here and maybe they can help monitor the situation," McIlroy said.

Since McIlroy says depending on how bad the problem, they may revisit the idea of changing the law in the summer.

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