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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Bringing Back the RVs

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You may or may not have heard of the new game app for iOS and Android. Last year we had Pokemon Go. That app resulted in everyone stepping outside, enjoying the summer weather, and making new friends within in their own community that they might have never spoken to if not for the app. Now this year, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has come to our smartphones. Although this game doesn't require the user to actually get up and walk around their neighborhood or visit parks, this app does show what camping could be like in the real world.

The World of Camping in an App

Going to campsites, meeting new people, exploring forests and lakes for fish and interesting insects. This all happens when you get into your camper, or RV, and go out on the road. The statistics for RV users has gone up for those in the millennial group. In the past year, the RV industry has reported growth and part of the growth can be attributed to millennials entering the RV industry. As of 2017, millennials make up 38 percent of campers. That according to a study done by KOA. That number is expected to grow as well.

tire repair kit - animal crossing

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is specifically aimed at the millennial group. It's a nostalgia trip as much as Pokemon Go was. This shows what a version of camping or glamping can look like to those who have never experienced it or really cared for it. Or remind those who have gone camping to do so again and this time in a camper. It's not going to hurt the RV industry but it may very well help boost its numbers even more. Also, this game doesn't aim to be hyper-realistic, otherwise, the camper would get a flat tire. And in that case, require a Stop & Go Deluxe Tire Plugger!