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5 Tips for Safe Winter Riding

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Cold weather is here and you want to ride your bike. So what do you do? Check out these 5 tips for safe winter riding so you can keep using your bike.

5 Tips For Safe Winter Riding

1. Winter Gear

If you think you have to bulk up to ride, you're in for a treat. You don't have to! Today's clothing and materials can keep you warm without having to wear extra clothing.

Alpinestars Tech Neck Warmer

This is the best way to seal out cold weather and keep your neck warm.

AGV Sport Sniper Jacket

This jacket comes with a fully removable and washable full-sleeved thermal liner. Great to block to cold out.

2. Wind Chill Blockers

Cold temperatures are tolerable but when you add wind chill, it gets much worse. Use these to block out the wind when out driving.

3. Modify Your Bike

If you're willing to invest in your bike and plan on riding every winter, these heated grips and foot warmers. These will draw some power from your bike but they're worth it if you're driving in figid temperatures

4. Stop

Riding for too long will numb your finger and toes, do not want to get frostbite! Make sure to stop frequently and have a warm drink like tea to warm up your body. If you stop somewhere where there is a public restroom, the hand blow dryers.

5. Be Prepared For The Road

Take it slow, especially if it is snowing, has snowed or there is ice. Scan ahead for any potholes, gravel, or distracted drivers. Signal earlier to give notice of your intentions to the other drivers. And remember, do not hesitate to take an exit if the roads are in bad condition, the weather gets worse, or need to warm up. If you get a flat tire, use the Stop & Go tire plugger at a safe location!

5 tips for safe winter riding