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2017 Carolinas BMW MOA Grand Tour

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The 2017 Carolinas BMW MOA Grand Tour took place from Sunday, March 11, 2017, to November 5, 2017.

What is it?

This 8-month grand tour is meant to encourage you to ride more and experience the riding the Carolinas have to offer. It's an annual activity. The sponsor is Charlotte BMW Ducati Motorcycles, shoutout to them! The goal of this tour is to have fun, explore new places, enjoy each other's company, and stay a few nights at each location.

There are a total of 20 stops within the 2017 Grand Tour. View a map of all the stops in the North and South Carolina.

Each location is numbered but that doesn't mean that they have to be visited in that order. In order for the Carolina BMW MOA to record visits to the 20 stops, there must be a picture taken of the landmarks. Within the picture, the personal number given to you by the Grand Tour administrators must be clearly visible. Creative shots are encouraged, the tour is meant to be fun! The pictures are sent to the tour coordinator to verify the stops.

This year 13 participants were the only ones to snap a picture at each location. And for the finishers, the average miles ridden was just over 5,000. They successfully completed the 2017 Carolinas BMW MOA Grand Tour! Special thanks are in order to Pete Krenn, the Carolina Grand tour coordinator for 2017!

For a detailed list of all the stops click to open the 2017 Carolinas BMW MOA Grand Tour pdf.

For the 2017 Grand Tour finishers, Stop & Go donated 13 Pocket Tire Pluggers! You can get your hands on your own Pocket Tire Plugger today!