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What the press says...

Motorcycle Consumer News
(an unbiased consumer reports type magazine) evaluated (18) different tire repair and inflation devices in their March 2002 issue. They stated:

"It was universally agreed that the Stop & Go Tire Plugger was the best all-around tire repair in the group. It repaired every hole we could throw at it and the design of the plug just makes good sense."

“Since space is always at a premium, the smaller and lighter the better. Like this very compact air compressor, which weighs less than a pound and runs off the bike’s battery. Of course I still need to plug the tire or patch the tube, but that’s another problem for which Stop & Go has answers, too."
-Clement Salvadori, Rider Magazine, December 2010

"Stop & Go kits are probably the most sophisticated in terms of plugging a tire"
- Clement Salvadori (contributing editor) Rider Magazine, January 2009

Backroads Motorcycle Tour Magazine, November 2010
“I highly recommend the Stop N Go Kit. We have been saved several times on the road due to packing this little gem” -Shira Kamil, Editor

"We like stuff that works and packs small, and this new kit from Stop & Go does both. Among the many types of plugs you can use to make a temporary flat repair, the little rubber mushrooms offered by Stop & Go seem to work best."
- Rider Magazine, June 2004

"If there's a single standout product in this round-up of tire repair products, it has to be the Pocket Tire Plugger for tubeless tires from Stop & Go. There's hardly any excuse left for getting stranded by the side of the road with a flat tire and no repair kit." - Rider Magazine, June 2004

"The Pocket Tire Plugger comes in two models, either as a stand-alone kit, or with four 16 gram CO2 cartridges. The advantage of the four smaller cartridges over one or two of the larger ones found in other kits is that you don't need a special regulator that takes up space in the kit." - Rider Magazine, June 2004

"I have found through past, painful experience that many tubeless tires are so thick and meaty that to try to get a fast, soft rubber plug into the relatively small hole made by a roofing nail or the like with a conventional hand held insertion tool is an exercise in frustration. The Stop & Go Plug Gun simplifies the job immensely... as long as you read the instruction." - Rider Magazine, March 2000

"The Tubeless Tire Plug Gun Kit from Stop & Go was the best quick-fix repair system Free 2 Wheel could find."
- Free 2 Wheel

"A number of long-distance and touring riders we spoke to swear by the plug gun and have run mushroom-plugged tires for days. At $34.95 retail, we consider this kit to be one of the best-kept secrets in motorcycling."
- Free 2 Wheel October 1999
"In our search for the ultimate flat fix, we came upon one repair kit that absolutely blew our socks off. It is sold by Stop & Go by the name Tubeless Tire Plug Gun Kit."
- Free 2 Wheel

"The Stop & Go kit was definite departure form the spaghetti like plugs I was used to. In comparison, the oversized mushroom shaped plug sits on the inner surface of the tire to ensure a no leak repair. As it passes thru the gun it is compressed to fit in the hole, and then it returns to its original shape on the inside wall of the tire. Once you get used to the gun, plugging a tire becomes a piece of cake,"
- Cycle Dreams, Fall 2002


What consumers think...

"In 1997 I bought your Stop & Go tubeless tire plug gun kit  ( It has red and White arrows on the bag) and have kept it in my Bike or my toolbox since then. The bag has been water soaked and through 20 years of storage in a saddlebag or toolbox.  So, today, I go out to ride to work, and lo and behold, I have a flat rear tire. (1988 Honda Shadow VT1100 Shaft Drive) Sure as hell, as I am inspecting the tire, I find a large nail in the tire, I am late and I am pissed. I pull the bag out of the saddlebag, expecting everything to be shot after 20 years. The instructions are a little worse for wear, but they are legible enough to follow. Not only was everything ( except the plastic bag the plugs were in) still in good shape, but I had the tire patched and was only 15 minutes late to work. As I work in an Emergency Department, it is kinda important for me to get to work. I am awed at the utility and staying power of this kit. I can’t even remember where I bought it other than it was a Goldwing meet. The instructions are dated 05/97. I have very few things that have lasted 20 years including that marriage and that motorcycle ( I think it was my 1989 Goldwing 1500.) Thanks for making a great product, and I will be happy to endorse this kit to all my riding friends.

Thanks again for making such a great product."

Rex C., Tucson, Arizona, November 2016

"Thank you for the quick turn.
We have been using this product for some time. My brother got the small set to carry in his motorcycle (which it has come in handy for him) sooooo we got the bigger set for the company trucks and I have a set in my car. Love it when you can find the hole (nail) in the car…just patch it still mounted.
When Dan was moving out west I gave him my set so if he had issues in the middle of nowhere (which he did) he could patch and go.
Again, great product!!!"
-Hamden Metal Company (August, 2016)

I must tell you your product is unbelievable and is simply the best puncture repair a motorcyclist can have in his toolkit.
I took a large nail to the rear tire of my Kawasaki Versys, I used the plugger and a compressor I keep under my seat to get rolling in under 10 minutes. I checked tire pressure at every stop and visually inspected the repair, this was about 2000 miles ago with speeds up to 80mph in all conditions and essentially this has been a permanent repair allowing me to get the full use from a reasonably new tire.

I just wanted to say thanks guys for an awsome product !!


Marc from November 2014

"Hi guys,
a couple of years ago, I purchased the tubeless Stop & Go kit.  When I received it, I took a look at everything, read the instructions and then put it all back into it's little case and put it in the top case of my bike, where it's been ever since.   I also have a string type tire repair kit that I've never used.
My riding partner texted me and said he found a nail in his rear tire and that he was going to take the wheel off his bike and get a new tire put on.   We decided to try each of the repair kits before he took the wheel off.   I went over to his house Saturday morning and we located the nail and pulled it out.   Then we followed the little instruction card and used the Stop & Go repair kit.  WOW!  It's just brilliant how easy this was to plug the hole.  Kudos to whoever invented this gizmo!  
Then, we took a drill and drove a wood screw into the tire a few inches next to where we plugged the original hole.   We used the string and glue repair kit, which worked also, but wasn't nearly as idiot-proof or easy as the Stop & Go kit!
We were both really just amazed at how awesome the Stop N Go kit worked!
Thanks for such a tremendous product!"

- Tom D., Hayward, CA from Feb., 2014

"You are a breath of fresh air in today’s world of retailers."


"I bought this Tire Plugger Kit from you over 10 years ago at Americade and it has come in handy so many times from Americade to Florida to Colorado Springs, not just on my bike but folks broke down on the side of the road with a flat and no spare. Thanks for a great kit."

J. Kadnar, Lake Ariel PA

"Number one, I never expected to receive a response this fast and #2 to have a reply with no excuses. I am a customer for life and I will spread the word about the fact that I found a company with such a great product that stands behind it. I really expected to get an email that said “Send us a receipt of when you bought it and we will see if it is still in warranty”. You are a breath of fresh air in today’s world of retailers. I am still in a state of amazement. I will be glad to write a letter of commendation about a company that understand customer service should you want one."

Ben E.

"My buddy and I went on a mtr cycle trip from ok city to estes park Colorado,  about half way my buddy had a flat we tried rope plugs but I guess the weight ( they were loaded down) wouldn't seal, he remembered he had some mushroom plugs , we used one and never had another problem . These things are a must for cycle flats and all vehicles ( just used one on my truck ) , ps  the instructrions tell the proper way to install them so don't get discouraged . Once u get the hang of them they are great , the best gift u could give too, thanks dave !!"

- Dave V.

"Thanks for the brilliant service. Impressed with the simplicity of the product."

- Suleiman, South Africa

"I have used your safety strobe many times on dark, country side roads, while helping other stranded motorist. Never fails !"

"I recently had a flat rear tire a on major Illinois highway. Used your tire repair kit to allow me to get to nearest Motorcycle shop for new tire. I feel safe and secure with your products in my saddle bags and car trunk. Thank you for these outstanding products. All your products are reasonably prices and long lasting."

- A.Lavelli


"Thanks for your prompt attention to our order. We received our Stop and Go kit UPS overnight just like we requested.

We never used a kit like this before and actually haven't had a flat tire on any of our motorcycles for many, many years. In fact the last time we had a flat we had tires with tubes! The flat on the rear of BMW K1200RS was a problem since we are 40 miles away from our BMW dealership.

We read the directions on the kit and on the first try with the first plug successfully plugged the tire. The tire held air for the 40 mile interstate trip with no air loss at interstate speed. As a temporary fix this repair kit is TOPS! The insertion gun that comes with the kit makes it virtually foolproof.

We feel so fortunate that this flat happened while the bike was in the garage as we found out the manufacturers tire repair kit that came with the bike is very difficult to use and the directions were very hard to read and follow. We are almost sure that we never could have fixed a roadside flat with the manufacturers kit.

Now, we are carrying the Stop and Go kit with us at all times. My husband and I both ride so the kit is in one of the saddlebags of either bike at all times AND ALWAYS WILL BE!"

"Whoever came up with the idea for this tire plug kit is a GENIUS!"

- Laura Miller, Parsippany, NJ
Member of : AMA, BMWMOA, BMWRA

"Just letting you know. I travelled from UK to Albania by motorcycle (2000 miles). Had a punture there-used your kit. Worked great and travelled back to UK. Full Marks!!"

- Alan R. (August 2011)

"It’s now my American Express Kit, ‘never leave home without it’. A small footprint, easy to use and very cost effective. I am totally sold on it and a few others are also after seeing how easy it was to use and get the bike back on the road."

- Mal D. from Southern Illinois (October 2010)

"I recently found your product on the web, and purchased the Plugger Model #1000 from a different site. I haven't had a flat tire yet, but I can still tell that this is a VERY good product. I am very happy with the high quality tools provided, and the way you kept the plugs "wet" are just a great idea !!! All this for 30 bucks??? Amazing quality and value."

"Hopefully, I will not have to use your product, but I feel a million times more comfortable riding knowing that I have your plugger packed in my bike.
I rarely send comments on products I purchase, but for this one, I just had to tell you guys a job well done.

- Yoshi M. from Los Angeles, CA.


"I have never been one to attach much validity to product endorsements, always figured they were hype. I am now a believer in such endorsements and I want to thank you for the excellent service I received in ordering my plug kit from you. I do NOT usually do business via mail/internet order but you have made me reconsider this decision. Not only were you prompt in handling my inquiry regarding product shipment but it was sent, and received, in a timely manner. I was thrilled when I opened the package and found the order to be much more than I expected and far more than equal to your online ad. I can't imagine a better experience and will definitely recommend you to everyone I know who rides a motorcycle. Your product was recommended to me by an Oklahoma City Motorcycle Officer and I owe him for sharing the word. I not only intend to spread the word myself, but plan to do more business with you in the future."

- Tim from Oklahoma



Ur gadget works great! Unfortunately, have had to use it on several occasions. Most memorable was when I was coming back from a rally, there were two high-end bikes parked by the road. One had a flat tire. The owner was on the cellphone trying to arrange for a trailer. I asked him if he wanted to try plugging the puncture. He was flabbergasted that u could do such a thing on the road.. Long story short, 30 minutes later, he was rolling. Problem averted. Good product! Keep it up!

- Bob Martin

"Your product is amazing – fast and easy to use. Picked up a nail in my back tire with only 800 miles on it (Bridgestone Battlax BT020 on a Suzuki GSX650F). Now have over 2000 miles on the plug with no air loss – even in very high temps (110° F +) and very high speed riding (110 mph+). I know your legal department is flipping out right now – but this type of plug the best thing since sliced bread when compared to rope type plugs."

- Dwayne from Arizona

"Thanks for sending this out so fast, had a flat on my flhx over the weekend and hoped this would come quick and it did. This works better than I expected, fast and easy it's in the saddle bag now great piece of mind."
While there are many testimonials on the website about the effectiveness of the product, I would like to speak to the service that I got from Mr. Merriman, who responded to my email, and walked me through its use. Having learned how to use it properly, I now feel confident that if I have a flat, I will be on my way without much delay"

- Jim Carmichael

"The third day into my trip I had a rear flat in Yellowstone. I used the stop and go plug kit and the cheap Wal-Mart compressor. The plug lasted another 5000 miles ,with speeds into the 90's high tempters and rough roads ,and got me home. The compressor took 15 minutes to pump 30 lbs in the tire. That was enough to get me to a service station. I am sold on the STOP and GO, but will look for a better pump."
"I bought the stop and go tire repair kit at a motorcycle rally 10 years ago. On my way home from Phoenix, Ariz. to Ohio on a 1992 Gold Wing, a little old lady had a flat on I-70. I stopped to help her. She was surprised that I fixed her tire and pumped her tire up. She offered we $50.00 for fixing it. I said, "no thank you" glad I was here to help you. Used it 5 times since, helping people in cars and on motorcycles. Thank you for a great product."

- Daniel E Siler, Somewhere, Ohio

"I just wanted to write and thank you for an outstanding product of FIRST quality, that works just as it claims to do. Sunday afternoon, my wife and I were on a ride in the Texas Hill country when we picked up a nail in the rear tire of our Honda Valkyrie, over 60 miles from home and no where near an open repair shop. Although we'd had the tire plugger in the saddlebag for nearly a year, I'd never actually practiced with it before :( . The instructions were clear and concise, and the plug was properly seated in no time, despite my novice status. (I really appreciate the fact that the instructions were printed on heavy stock that didn't fall apart after long storage, as regular paper would do.) Two CO2 cartridges later, and the tire was ready to go. What could have been an expensive and time consuming disaster was resolved so quickly that we had time to enjoy a leisurely dinner before heading home. The repair got us home without incident, and will allow the bike to be ridden to the dealer for new tires, instead of me having to trailer it.Best $40.00 repair kit I've ever bought--THANK YOU!!!"

- Brad, Schertz, Texas

"I just wanted to let you know how great a product you have with the Pocket Tire Plugger. I have a less than 2 month old 2005 Harley Davidson Ultra with over 2,000 miles on it. August 2, 2005, I ordered, from one of your major competitors, their top of the line Tire Patch kit with string style plugs. August 6, 2005, while doing my normal pre-ride check, I discovered I only had 18 lbs of air in the back tire. There was a 2 inch long machine screw in the back tire at a 45 degree angle. Your competitor's kit was due to be delivered August 8, 2005, so I let my bike sit waiting on the kit to patch the tire. August 7, 2005, a friend of mine told me about your Pocket Tire Plugger with CO2 and the mushroom style plugs. I went to your web site, www.stopngo.com to check out your kits. I liked what I saw, and ordered your kit, expecting to keep both kits."
"August 8, 2005, I received the competitors kit, opened it, and read the instructions. I decided to check my email before I plugged the bike tire with your competitors kit. I received an email notice from Stop & Go International that my Pocket Tire Plugger with CO2 had shipped and would be delivered August 10, 2005. After a little thought about which plug (string style or mushroom style) I believed would work better, I decided to wait the extra 2 days on the Pocket Tire Plugger with the mushroom style plugs. I checked with the competitor and they allowed me to return their kit the next day.
"The Pocket Tire Plugger is assume. Instructions are very clear, the Pocket Plugger is easy to use, and works exactly as advertised. It took me a couple of tries (due to operator error on the 1st attempt). I've had the plugged tire at the proper pressure now for over a week, and have ridden about 100 miles on it in 95 degree plus heat, with NO LOSS of AIR. I won't leave home without it and have already ordered one by request for a friend of mine. His kit arrived yesterday. I gave it to him today at work. Thanks for a great product, fast shipping, and keep up the great work."

- Brian Shelley, Louisville, KY

"The second day into my 8 day vacation I noticed a piece of metal, in my brand new Bridgestone tire, that was about an 1/8 th of an inch in diameter. The tire at that point had about 800 miles on it. Your Stop and Go kit along with a portable air compressor worked flawlessly. The instruction manual says no faster than 50 MPH and no more than 100 miles on a plugged tire. I exceeded both. I checked the pressure every day and constantly monitored the motorcycle for even a hint of pressure loss in the rear tire. 1700+ miles later it still is holding air. Thanks very much for an excellent product."

- Tony Martin, Nevada, MO

"I bought your product because of the MCN review. I live in St. George, (the middle of nowhere) Utah. A 2" wallboard screw invaded my Pilot Roads. It works exactly as advertised. Thanks for a great product."

- Mark Rebholz, St. George, UT

"I just received my new pocket plugger to carry on my M/C. When I opened the package, I was completely amazed at the quality of the device. From prior experience, I have been disappointed at some of the gear that is available but not this time. The entire device, attachments and carrying case are number one quality and I want you to know how pleased I am with it. I haven't had to plug a tire yet but I did put it through a test run and it really works like a charm."

- Jim Perkins


"This is the best plug that I have ever used in a tire. I have put thousands of miles on a car tire with these plugs and never had a problem."

- Bill Springer, Town of Swartz Creek, MI.

"I think you have a phenomenal product. I'm so sick of carrying around rubber cement and those old tar based plugs that tear up the tire."

- Rick Griffith

"The only product that I ever bought that worked as simply and as efficiently as claimed. The best money I ever spent."

- Bernard S. Misiura Jr., Town of Tonawanda, N.Y


"When we had the tire changed the dealer tried to pull the plug out and couldn't."

- Dale Gomo, Town of Websterville, VT.

"I used your plugger on my bike tire and car tire. Sure works slick without taking the tires off of vehicles. Positively fixes the flat. Absolutely easiest and best flat fixer tool around."

- Jim Person, Van Nuys, CA

"I bought one of your regular model tire plug gun kits what seems like ten years ago. Today I used it for the first time, and it worked beautifully. Thanks for a great product and thanks for still being in business."

- Stephen N. Coci, Clyde, NC

"A fellow from Oregon pulled out your kit, when I was thinking flat deck tow truck $$$, and, following the instructions we were all on the road again in 20 minutes!! Now educated, I could do it in 10 minutes. It was a lifesaver!"

- Tony MacNeill, Lumby, BC. Canada

"The Pocket Tire Plugger is an innovative and useful product that I'll be carrying on every adventure. Rest assured I'll also be showing it off to fellow riders who have yet to see one. Thanks!!"

- Bart G. Combs, Pinehurst, NC

We had an opportunity to see the inside of the flat tire and was amazed how the plug formed to the puncture and sealed the hole.

- Nick Brilis

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